Sunday, 28 February 2016

LOST SOULS saw the sun as it rose above the horizon
Chasing away the shadows of the forests
I saw the earth harmonise with the glories of
The heavens, and present to my eyes the riches of
Her vegetation, with the magnificence of her fields
And the brightness of her waters
I inhaled the enchanting odour of her perfumed
I heard the charming melody of the birds, that
She nourishes in giving to each one its fitting
And, in presence of this loveliness I exclaimed;
Lord, Lord, Thou art grand in Thy works, and
Infinite is Thy power
The last words of this hymn of thankfulness
And of love were still resounding, when, low my
Soul was suddenly wrapped in profound sadness.
0, my divine Master! Thou who knows all
Things, Thou dost know wherefore I am sad.
Thou knows why the splendours of nature

Have greeted mine eyes -without bringing to my
Heart peace or true joy
Thou knows that my soul, inspired with enthusiasm in the presence of the harmonies of this
Visible universe, has sought for other harmonies
But that seeking for them in vain, her song of
Joyfulness has been hushed, and sadness has come
Over her

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


                  The Real Prophecy Few Great Facts
We desire, in the beginning of the discussions to follow, to call attention to a few great facts, the first of which is, that this universe did not come into existence by accident, and is not governed by chance God created all things, and placed the
Whole under law and His supreme will reigns over all.                                                          
The direction and control of all affairs upon this planet He cannot be hurried, and He cannot be retarded or diverted from His Program; nothing is done by chance in the administration of His Kingdom,
But all things move with beautiful order and harmony, and the great events of history come to pass at their appointed time.
Few subjects of study can be more entertaining and profitable to the devout mind, than to search the Scriptures in order to
Find out just where we are in the Divine program of the history of our world. 

Sunday, 13 December 2015


GODS WORDS The Almighty FATHER and Governor of the universe
Has been hitherto little understood by men they have
Delighted in portraying Him as a being with like parts
And passions as with themselves, as something to be
Feared and reverenced, appeased and mollified when
Angry, by sacrifices and prayers; and, when supposed
To be in a more playable mood, to be gratified with
Songs, dances, or music                                    
Nothing more unlike the real character of the Deity
Can be imagined than the one that has been generally
Received by civilized nations, both Christian and
Heathen It is time now that something more real and
More true should be known of this great power that
Formed and sustains all things, (not in your sphere
Alone, but in ours also), and who is still framing new
Worlds, new universes
This great unknown, unseen Being, so constantly at
Work, yet never tired, and is in your midst as He is in ours.
He pervades all space. He is everywhere, and yet He
Is nowhere He is in the highest heavens, and he is in
The lowest hell none of us are as high as to approach Him,
None so low and debased that He can reach them
How shall we make your finite minds comprehend us?
How to explain our meaning to you? God everywhere,
Yet nowhere Seeming contradiction, and yet perfectly

Sunday, 29 November 2015


 Learn the truth

The idea of heaven given by the great Teacher is so much a matter of faith that all local and material notions concerning it must be left to the individual conception of it. “We see through a glass darkly “in relation to it.” We walk by faith and not by sight," when we search for” the things not seen which are eternal." We must
Not expect positive knowledge of the things we hold by faith. The most we can expect is a rational and satisfying belief concerning that   lies “beyond the veil?" It is better, far better, to have such a belief to live and rest in, than to be harassed with perplexing doubts, or darkened in mind by the eclipse of unbelief. A vision of excellence, a faith in a life to come in which our powers shall be at their best, is a
Quickening incentive in the present, of immense value a fortune to be made, a good to live for, stirs the better ambitions to energetic activity. Understanding perfectly the limits of knowledge and the uncertainties of faith, we may ask the question:

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Christian Faith


My friends, this is a subject you should all be perfectly versed in. Your own souls should be to you an
Open book that you can read with pleasure. There, you should find the records of duties fulfilled, desires and passions conquered, tempers subdued,  aspirations after
Good and holy things constantly going forth. Charity, love, and patient forbearance for the wants and shortcomings of others, always active; and a constant indwelling
Peace and joy that the world, and the things of the world, can neither affect nor take from you. If of you, my friends, were in this blessed state, if all of you carried out your self-knowledge into this self-acting; do you not see how much happier, how much wiser mankind would become ?

how great must be God's wonder today! For how
Few there are among us who know what prevailing prayer
Really is! Every one of us would confess that we believe
In prayer, yet how many of us truly believe in the power
Of prayer Now, before we go a step farther, may the
Writer most earnestly implore you not to read hurriedly
What is contained in these chapters? Much—very much

Depends upon the way in which every reader receives what
Is here recorded for everything depends upon prayer.
Why are many Christians so often defeated? Because

They pray so little,  PLEASE READ MY NEW BOOK

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Believing in Jesus Christ


 Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord

To say that one who wishes to be saved can be saved without believing in Jesus Christ is heresy of the worst kind. Clearly, believing in Jesus Christ is necessary for our salvation. Believing in Jesus Christ is the only thing that gives us eternal life. We get to heaven by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. Believing in Jesus Christ is easy but for many people getting to the point of believing can be most difficult because Satan has deceived them and they are confused. Believing in Jesus Christ is the most important decision you will make in life! You are not alone.
Believing in Jesus Christ is more than accepting a fact. It involves accepting a life altering fact. Believing in Jesus Christ is a Spiritual decision. The Holy Spirit makes the gospel clear to the unregenerate person so that he or she can choose Salvation. Believing in Jesus Christ is the only way you can be saved. (John 14:6) Believing in Jesus Christ is the only Way to get into Heaven and be reconciled back to God.
The world gives glitter and false hopes, but believing in Jesus Christ is the real deal. Jesus can make your life have real meaning. Believing in Jesus Christ is not a blanket insurance policy that you will never suffer trials. Only those who know God as a living, indwelling presence are God's children. Believing in Jesus Christ is an important part of the full truth about God.
Believing in Jesus Christ is not a religion. Once you start reading the Bible, you will actually find that He was opposed to religion. Being a Christian is more than calling yourself one if it is popular for you to do so. Believing in Jesus Christ is only a part of Christianity, abiding by his teachings is also a major part of the religion. Christianity, "the way" whatever you call believing in Jesus Christ is the "one true" religion. Therefore, this believing in Jesus Christ is not a one-time deal and it is all over with. You must be committed unto Him or else you are no longer a believer and NOT The Way to Heaven, according to the Bible. You are Christian, even if you have a different way of looking at the religion then another. Believing in Jesus Christ is what makes you a Christian.
Believing in Jesus Christ is believing the power of love is greater than the power of evil. Are you willing to trust Jesus, and to believe in the power of love? It is declared that more than believing in Jesus Christ is required, and the reality is that if believing in Jesus Christ is not accompanied by evidence of good works, there is no real belief in Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Not only that, but believing in Jesus Christ is the means by which the gift of decreed goodness in God's eyes is given, along with the ability to do Good.
Believing in Jesus Christ is obeying Him. Believing in Jesus Christ is ALL that you need in your life. He ALONE is able to hold your future together forever, enabling you to go all the way through life. Instead of men sacrificing their sons, God sacrificed his own son for the sins of men. Believing in Jesus Christ is the only thing that will bring mankind true happiness. This is what gives us "joy unspeakable and full of glory."

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Story of Christ Jesus

Parables of Jesus

 Parables of Jesus. Everyone loves to read or listen to stories. Of all movies I personally love the ones based on a true story. If you are the same way, you will understand why Jesus used so many parables in His teachings. There are just 26 parables in the Old Testament, while there are 70 Parables by Jesus in the Four Gospels.
parables of jesusWell, what is a parable actually? And why were the parables of Jesus so important?
The Greek word parabole means: a comparison, a figure of speech, a proverb, an illustration. By using such, people can grasp the meaning and significance of what we are trying to say, in a spiritual way, without them being offended. This is a great advantage, as we will not be the ones trying to force people into something, but by using parables we are letting the Holy Spirit work in their spirit, mind and conscience. Finis Jennings Dake, author of the Dake's Annotated Reference Bible says that in the case of the parables of Jesus, Jesus used stories which the people in His time were well familiar with, e.g. in the Parables He used real stories to convey spiritual meaning to the people. In this way, the parables of Jesus illustrated truth and made it so clear, that often the Bible says: "and they understood that He spoke to them about..."
Because of their interesting form, the parables of Jesus created more interest and spiritual hunger in the listeners, in the same way now we have a saying: A picture is worth a thousand words and A movie is worth a thousand pictures. People's mind loves to investigate, search out mysteries, make comparisons and find out hidden meanings by making parallels with things already known. On the other hand, the Jesus parables concealed the truth from the rebellious and disinterested hearers, who just did not understand anything. In this way, the ones who are interested, hungry and seeking get the meaning and act accordingly, changing their attitudes, ways and actions, while the ones not interested just go on without being turned off completely.
Because the Lord has given us a free will to choose to follow Him by our own decision, and not by compulsion, that's why He sometimes uses these parables - because they will add revelation and understanding only to the ones already seeking him. As for the rebels and anti-Christ folks, Jesus said: "Do not throw your pearls to the swine, because they will not understand the meaning of pearls, but instead will turn and trample them under their foot and they may even turn and hurt you" (Matthew 7:6).

Thursday, 8 October 2015



When interpreted like any other book, by the same rules of evidence and the same canons of criticism, the Bible will still remain unlike any other book its beauty will be freshly seen, as of a picture which is restored after many ages to its original state; it will create a new interest and make for itself a new kind of authority by the life which is in it. .No one can form any notion from what we see
around us, of the power which Christianity might have if it were at one with the conscience of man, Though separated from their original context, and republished after so long an interval, it is believed that these writings will be found to have a lasting value.

It is a strange, though familiar fact, that great
Differences of opinion exist respecting the Interpretation
scriptureOf Scripture All Christians receive the Old and
New Testament as sacred writings, but they are not
Agreed about the meaning which they attribute to          
Them the book itself remains as at the first; the
Commentators seem rather to reflect the changing
Atmosphere of the world or of the Church, Different
Individuals or bodies of Christians have a different
Point of view, to which their interpretation is
Narrowed or made to conform. It is assumed, as
Natural and necessary that the same words will
Present one idea to the mind of the Protestant, another
To the Roman Catholic; one meaning to the
German, another to the English interpreter the
Ultramondane or Anglican divine is not supposed to
Be impartial in his treatment of passages which afford
An apparent foundation for the doctrine of purgatory
Or the primacy of St. Peter on the one hand, or the
Three orders of clergy and the divine origin of episcopacy
On the other it is a received view with many,
That the meaning of the Bible is to be defined by
That of the Prayer-book; while there are others who
Interpret the Bible and the Bible only with a silent
Reference to the traditions of the Reformation Philosophical
Differences are in the background, into which
The differences about Scripture also resolve themselves.