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When interpreted like any other book, by the same rules of evidence and the same canons of criticism, the Bible will still remain unlike any other book its beauty will be freshly seen, as of a picture which is restored after many ages to its original state; it will create a new interest and make for itself a new kind of authority by the life which is in it. .No one can form any notion from what we see
around us, of the power which Christianity might have if it were at one with the conscience of man, Though separated from their original context, and republished after so long an interval, it is believed that these writings will be found to have a lasting value.

It is a strange, though familiar fact, that great
Differences of opinion exist respecting the Interpretation
scriptureOf Scripture All Christians receive the Old and
New Testament as sacred writings, but they are not
Agreed about the meaning which they attribute to          
Them the book itself remains as at the first; the
Commentators seem rather to reflect the changing
Atmosphere of the world or of the Church, Different
Individuals or bodies of Christians have a different
Point of view, to which their interpretation is
Narrowed or made to conform. It is assumed, as
Natural and necessary that the same words will
Present one idea to the mind of the Protestant, another
To the Roman Catholic; one meaning to the
German, another to the English interpreter the
Ultramondane or Anglican divine is not supposed to
Be impartial in his treatment of passages which afford
An apparent foundation for the doctrine of purgatory
Or the primacy of St. Peter on the one hand, or the
Three orders of clergy and the divine origin of episcopacy
On the other it is a received view with many,
That the meaning of the Bible is to be defined by
That of the Prayer-book; while there are others who
Interpret the Bible and the Bible only with a silent
Reference to the traditions of the Reformation Philosophical
Differences are in the background, into which
The differences about Scripture also resolve themselves.

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