Wednesday, 23 September 2015



What I am about to tell you will bring some consolation to your heart?
And that is why I bring this message to you. For some time I
Have been reading in books some very remarkable facts, which seem to show that our dead friends are not really dead, but have passed on to another
World, and that they are progressing in happiness; and that we on the earth, under certain conditions, can communicate with them.
How do we know that this is not some fraud practiced upon us?
Does not human experience show that men have been dying for centuries, and why should we now think we are able to talk with the dead?
I know there are many who deny that there is even such a thing as a spirit being; but did not Jesus of Nazareth go and preach to the spirits in prison,
And does not that prove that men who had previously died were then alive and able to hear his preaching? And if so, is it at all unreasonable to think that they can communicate with us? Let me encourage you to investigate this,

You will observe that all the evidence tending to prove that the living can talk with the dead is founded upon the great teaching that the soul of man is immortal. Is it not true that the Catholic and Protestant churches,
almost without a single exception, for many centuries have taught that the soul is immortal, that it cannot die hence when one dies it is merely the body that is dead, but the soul lives on?
The evidence now available proving that the living can talk with the dead is so cumulative and overwhelming that I attempt to present it to you,
With confidence that I will convince your reasonable mind of the correctness of the claim; and if I do, then I am certain I have done you a great good and
Brought much comfort to your heart                         

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