Sunday, 28 February 2016

LOST SOULS saw the sun as it rose above the horizon
Chasing away the shadows of the forests
I saw the earth harmonise with the glories of
The heavens, and present to my eyes the riches of
Her vegetation, with the magnificence of her fields
And the brightness of her waters
I inhaled the enchanting odour of her perfumed
I heard the charming melody of the birds, that
She nourishes in giving to each one its fitting
And, in presence of this loveliness I exclaimed;
Lord, Lord, Thou art grand in Thy works, and
Infinite is Thy power
The last words of this hymn of thankfulness
And of love were still resounding, when, low my
Soul was suddenly wrapped in profound sadness.
0, my divine Master! Thou who knows all
Things, Thou dost know wherefore I am sad.
Thou knows why the splendours of nature

Have greeted mine eyes -without bringing to my
Heart peace or true joy
Thou knows that my soul, inspired with enthusiasm in the presence of the harmonies of this
Visible universe, has sought for other harmonies
But that seeking for them in vain, her song of
Joyfulness has been hushed, and sadness has come
Over her

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