Sunday, 13 December 2015


GODS WORDS The Almighty FATHER and Governor of the universe
Has been hitherto little understood by men they have
Delighted in portraying Him as a being with like parts
And passions as with themselves, as something to be
Feared and reverenced, appeased and mollified when
Angry, by sacrifices and prayers; and, when supposed
To be in a more playable mood, to be gratified with
Songs, dances, or music                                    
Nothing more unlike the real character of the Deity
Can be imagined than the one that has been generally
Received by civilized nations, both Christian and
Heathen It is time now that something more real and
More true should be known of this great power that
Formed and sustains all things, (not in your sphere
Alone, but in ours also), and who is still framing new
Worlds, new universes
This great unknown, unseen Being, so constantly at
Work, yet never tired, and is in your midst as He is in ours.
He pervades all space. He is everywhere, and yet He
Is nowhere He is in the highest heavens, and he is in
The lowest hell none of us are as high as to approach Him,
None so low and debased that He can reach them
How shall we make your finite minds comprehend us?
How to explain our meaning to you? God everywhere,
Yet nowhere Seeming contradiction, and yet perfectly

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