Sunday, 29 November 2015


 Learn the truth

The idea of heaven given by the great Teacher is so much a matter of faith that all local and material notions concerning it must be left to the individual conception of it. “We see through a glass darkly “in relation to it.” We walk by faith and not by sight," when we search for” the things not seen which are eternal." We must
Not expect positive knowledge of the things we hold by faith. The most we can expect is a rational and satisfying belief concerning that   lies “beyond the veil?" It is better, far better, to have such a belief to live and rest in, than to be harassed with perplexing doubts, or darkened in mind by the eclipse of unbelief. A vision of excellence, a faith in a life to come in which our powers shall be at their best, is a
Quickening incentive in the present, of immense value a fortune to be made, a good to live for, stirs the better ambitions to energetic activity. Understanding perfectly the limits of knowledge and the uncertainties of faith, we may ask the question:

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