Tuesday, 4 August 2015

God Loves You



This is for Christians who have had trouble finding the true

peace that is promised with conversion.  For those who are frustrated

because they are constantly struggling with weakness and sin, this

could well be the very help they've been praying for.

 if any one speaks evil of you let your life be so that none will believe him            

God loves you. He wants to forgive you. He wants to have fellowship with you.
God and the bible

It doesn’t make any difference how far you tried to run from God. He loves you. His eye is on you. He sees you.
God created us in his image, and you as a person are important to God

God loves you, and He loves you with a love that you don’t even know anything about, because there is no human love comparable to divine love.

                                    Kingdom of God 

The kingdom of God should not be one of your many concerns. It
must be central to all you do. Do not hold back any areas of your
  life from God’s control. As Lord and Creator, he wants to help
provide what you need as well as guide how you use what he provides.
Even though the kingdom will not be complete untilJesus comes again in glory, we do not have to wait to taste it. The kingdom of God begins in the hearts of those who believe in Jesus.

As believers, we are “aliens and strangers” in this world, because
our real home is with God. Heaven is not the pinkcloud and harp
existence popular in cartoons. Heaven is where God lives. Life in
heaven operates according to God’s principles and values, and it is
eternal and unshakable

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